• International Women's Day 2021

  • "Choose To Challenge"

    Who are three women who have helped, mentored or supported you in your professional journey?

    Come March 8th, the WLA invite you to join them in an interactive social movement, inspiring women’s empowerment as a tribute to International Women's Day.

    How can you encourage this movement?

    1. Stay connected with this year's campaign by following and liking the WLA on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
    2. Share and interact with the guidelines of the WLA International Women’s Day post
    3. Tag your three women mentors, thanking them and inviting them to, in turn tag three women who made that difference for them
    4. Use these hashtags: #IWD2021 #WLA #DCRCOC #InternationalWomensDay 


    Use the graphic below as the photo for your social posts!


  • Past International Women's Day celebrations


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