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    Dutchess County is home to many veterans who have returned from bravely serving our country to a struggle finding housing and employment. The Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce is proud to partner with Mental Health America (MHA) of Dutchess County and their Veterans’ Peer Service program Vet2Vet, which includes the Housing, Empowerment, Reassurance and Occupation (H.E.R.O) program, to help create a database of employers willing to help out of work veterans. Participating employers will be connected with the MHA H.E.R.O Program Manager for more information. 

    Funded primarily through Dutchess County, the goal of the H.E.R.O program is to promote housing and employment stability for our Local Veteran Families. Participants receive outreach and case management services, counseling, limited financial assistance and more. For complete information, see the official H.E.R.O brochure.

    Supportive Services For Veteran Families- HERO Program

    Supportive Services For Veteran Families- Veterans Employment Training & Transition Assitance Program

    If you're in a position to provide an employment opportunity for a Dutchess County Veteran in need or would like more information about how your business can help our local Veterans, please let us know by filling out the form below. There's no obligation. Job seekers are typically looking for work in almost any sector from general laborers to more skilled employment such as HVAC or data entry, however all opportunities will be considered and occasionally Veterans utilizing the MHA’s Vet2Vet and H.E.R.O programs will have special skills. 

    Help a hero – fill out the form below and a representative from the H.E.R.O program will be in touch.



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