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  • Job Fair Workshops Job Fair Workshops

    During the Job Fair, take advantage of our free 40 minute workshops!   

    11:30 AM - How to Maximize your LinkedIn Profile - Professional Networking 
    LinkedIn is a premiere site for job recruiters and hiring companies. Having a complete and effective profile can attract job opportunities as well as boost career advancement through professional networking. Participants will be able to assess their own profiles and improve their profile layout and information. New Users will learn how to use the site to develop their careers and network professionally. All participants will leave with technical information regarding features and how to interact with the site.  Visually, participants will follow along with a projected sample profile and see actual menus and tools in action.
    1:30 PM - The Art of Upward Mobility
    Upward mobility is the desire of most employees. Career advancement goals can become a reality when education, experience, and soft skills are applied together. This workshop will focus on identifying the skills needed for upward mobility and seek training or on-the-job opportunities for developing those skills. With a focus on continuous and lifelong learning, the importance of CE’s and credentials or professional certifications. The workshop will include networking and personal enhancement skills. Identify behaviors that can hinder advancement and demonstrate improvements through interactive exercises.
    This opportunity is sponsored by:
    Dutchess One Stop Career Center 

    Dutchess One Stop's quality career development services provide job seekers with the support and skills they need for effective career planning.

    They provide career counseling, job listings, workshops, linkages to training option, and similar employment-related services.

    Their mission is to contribute to Dutchess County’s economic growth by supporting the needs of employers and job seekers through resources and services offered in a true One Stop environment that proudly works cooperatively with community agencies.

  • Tips for Job Seekers Tips for Job Seekers

    Tips for Job Seekers

    • Dress for the job you want.  Many of the companies are sending their top hiring rep to the Work Local First Job Fair.  The way you look when you meet them is a significant factor in how they judge your candidacy.
    • Bring plenty of resumes.  Make sure you've got enough business cards, resumes, work samples and all other components of your job-seeking portfolio to hand out.  And make sure those samples are thoroughly edited and spell-checked to be free of mistakes.
    • Don't be shy.  Employers come to the Work Local First Job Fair to meet people and tell them about their companies.  Shake as many hands as possible, even those representing places you've never considered working before.  You never know what connection will lead to your next position.
    • Listen and learn.  Take advantage of all the free resources available at the Work Local First Job Fair, including seminars, resume critiquing and more.  Knowledge is power during a job search, and you want to make sure you accumulate as much of it as possible.
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