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  • The Executive Leadership Program is a comprehensive, hands-on program dedicated to developing extraordinary leaders of the future.  Each session is carefully crafted with a blend of lectures, panel discussions, peer to peer tabletop exercises and specific reading requirements that enable participants to apply concepts learned to real-life business challenges. Ideal candidates are mid to upper-level managers of both for profit and nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and small business owners, as well as key employees who are being developed by their employers for future senior leadership positions. 

    The program is organized into five modules that are scheduled between January and May 2024. These sessions will cover a set of interrelated topics that are critical to the success of executives in organizations of all kinds, including large and small for-profit companies, governmental agencies, healthcare, and not-for-profit organizations. Each module is led by executives with many years of senior-level, real-world experience. Sessions employ a variety of tools and activities to engage participants, including reading assignments, presentations, individual and group exercises, panel discussions, and, in the case of the Executive Communication module, recording and individual coaching.

  • Class of 2023

    Anthony Bove, Westchester Medical Center Health Network

    Jasmin Davis, City of Poughkeepsie

    Jessica Dickinson, Pathfinder Foundation

    Laura Doe, The Chamber Foundation, Inc.

    Courtney Doyle, The Children's Home of Poughkeepsie

    Jennifer Fabiano, Rondout Savings Bank

    Katelyn Lansang, Hudson Valley Credit Union

    Jennifer Longstreet, RBT CPAs, LLP

    Jessica Lopez, Savona's Restaurant Group

    Emily Maduemezia, Anderson Center for Autism

    Kelly Outwater, Hudson Valley Credit Union

    Scott Pooters, Peckham Industries, Inc.

    Tyler Pratt, Peckham Industries, Inc.

    Burnelle Roser, Dutchess Community College Foundation

    Francesca Szabadi, Rondout Savings Bank

    Janel Winters, The Children's Home of Poughkeepsie

  • Executive Leadership Committee Executive Leadership Committee

    Salvatore Calta, Jr., Chair - Calta Consulting, Inc.

    Cheryl Bowers - Rondout Savings Bank

    William A. Brenner, CPA - Citrin Cooperman & Company, LLP

    Erin Cafarelli - The Children's Home of Poughkeepsie

    William Francis - Fortress Financial Advisory, LLP

    Jennifer Howland - iRelaunch

    Steve Lant - Retired Executive

    Tina Ludwig - Hudson Valley Credit Union

    Pam Porath, PhD - Willow Path Consulting, LLC

    Robyn Williams - Hudson Valley Credit Union



  • "The Executive Leadership experience has provided me with a valuable, realistic, and professional skill set I can prioritize into my future. Equipped with some new perspectives, especially in overall business and project management, I'm grateful for the engagement opportunities and dynamic panel discussions. I feel like I'm not walking away from this class - I'm just walking in a different direction with supportive folks to call on as professional colleagues and mentors. I've already been able to put strategies into practice well before this class was over".

    -Jessica Dickinson, Pathfinder Foundation



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    2024 Session dates

    Sessions take place 8 am to 12 noon unless otherwise specified, at various locations across Dutchess County.

    1. Managing Yourself:                          Wednesday January 10 and 24
    2. Strategic Planning and Execution:  Wednesday February 14 and 28
    3. Executive Communication:              Wednesday March 13 and 27
    4. Managing for Success:                     Wednesday April 10 and 24
    5. Human Resources in Today’s Environment: Wednesday May 8 and 22



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