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  • Executive Leadership applications for 2023 are open, and are due December 1:
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    The Executive Leadership Program is designed for mid- to
    senior-level managers, nonprofit administrators, and entrepreneurs seeking advanced leadership and communications
    skills to move their careers and organizations forward. Executive
    directors, sole proprietors, and high-potential career managers
    who are being developed for senior roles will also find value
    in this program.

    The program is organized into five modules that are scheduled between January and May 2022. These sessions will cover a set of interrelated topics that are critical to the success of executives in organizations of all kinds, including large and small for-profit companies, governmental agencies, healthcare, and not-for-profit organizations. Each module is led by executives with many years of senior-level, real-world experience. Sessions employ a variety of tools and activities to engage participants, including reading assignments, presentations, individual and group exercises, panel discussions, and, in the case of the Executive Communication module, recording and individual coaching.

  • Class of 2022

    Stephen Benton – Peckham Industries, Inc.

    Jennifer Clum – Access: Supports for Living

    Matt Dorman – Peckham Industries, Inc.

    Jacob Euell – Millbrook Vineyards & Winery

    Thomas Forschner – Peckham Industries, Inc.

    Stephen Goodwine – Hudson Valley Credit Union

    Russell Haight – Anderson Center for Autism

    Kelly Holliman – Millbrook Vineyards & Winery

    John Kelly – Taconic Advisors, Inc.

    Jonathan Kirk – Peckham Materials Corp.

    Alice Rae Kurman-Kostrubal – Hudson Valley Credit Union

    Jessica Miuccio – Habitat for Humanity of Dutchess County

    Michael Naccarato – Rondout Savings Bank

    Jennifer Neese – YMCA of Kingston & Ulster County

    Glenn Noakes – RBT CPA’s

    Kathleen Pless – Rondout Savings Bank

    Cliff Potts – Access: Supports for Living

    Brandon Walker – Essie’s Restaurant

  • Sal and Steve provided an excellent framework for all business executives to improve their personal and professional goals, strategies and tactics.  I, personally, have a renewed appreciation for the process of building and improving exciting ideas as well as more efficient ways to incubate new ideas.  Many of my everyday struggles as a business owner and operator were addressed and I now have more tools to tackle them more efficiently.”

    – Chris Quinby, Vice President and CFO of Warlock Athletics – Class of 2019



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