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  • The Chamber is an advocate and resource for businesses and organizations of all sizes in the community. We understand the challenges associated with doing business, especially in New York State, and strive to pave the road for growth. Below are resources relevant to businesses, employers, and employees.


    June 2022 Legislative Update:

    The NYS Legislature ended the 2022 session with more than 1,000 bills passing both the Assembly and the Senate. Several bills will impact the Labor/Human Resource function of employers by increasing administrative burdens and the cost of doing business in New York. 

    In the coming weeks and months, the bills will be sent to Governor Hochul for signature.  Meanwhile, the Chamber will support the Business Council of New York State as they work to encourage a veto for most of these bills – or, if not possible, work on ‘chapter amendments’ to make them less burdensome for New York employers. 

    A summary of the new bills affecting employers can be found here:

    Workers’ Compensation

    • S.6376-B/A.2020-A – Expands to all workers the ability to receive PTSD coverage under NYS Workers Compensation Coverage for stress greater than what occurs in the normal work environment.

    • S.768/A.1118 – Defines temporary total as inability to perform the job in which injured, or a job offered by the employer that has been modified to meet the abilities of the injured worker.

    • S.8271-A/A.7178-A – Will increase the minimum weekly compensation for claimants that receive workers’ compensation benefits.


    Pay Transparency/Wage Theft

    • S.2239/A.5773 – Will require state contractors to disclose data on employee compensation by gender, race, ethnicity, and other relevant data.

    • S.8369-B/A.9368-A – To provide a recourse to freelance workers experiencing wage theft and other violations under the Labor Law.

    • S.8435/A.8449 – This bill would require those companies which are required to file an Employer Information report (EEO-1) with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to file substantially similar information with the New York Secretary of State. This information would then be publicly available.

    • S.9338/A.10181 – Would extend for two years the labor law which allows for certain categories of permissible wage deductions.

    • S.9427-A/A.10477 – Requires employers to disclose compensation or range of compensation to applicants and employees.

    • S.8063-A/A.8874-B – Relates to restrictions on consecutive hours of work for nurses.


    Workplace Safety

    • S.5994-C/A.1338-C – Would create a system whereby any contractor wishing to bid on a covered project must register with the Department of Labor and pay a registration fee. It would provide the Department an opportunity to vet the contractor to see if they had any previous violations of the Labor Law and ensure only responsible contractors are allowed to bid on New York covered projects.

    • S.621-B/A.4947-B – Allows for significant reparations paid by Corporations or their agents if found guilty of a crime that injures or kills a worker.

    • S.8922-A/A.10020-A – Relates to the creation of a program to protect workers from unreasonable quotas.

    • S.9450/A.10492 – Establishes penalties for employers who do not recognize an Employee Safety Committee within 5 days of request by employees. 



    • S.1958-A/8092-B – Clarifies that workers shall not be punished or subjected to discipline by employers for lawful absences.

    • S.4844-B/A.1236-A – Expands the rights of nursing employees to express breast milk.

    • S.6586-A/A.6328-A – Prohibits discrimination based on citizenship or immigration status.


    Source: Business Council of New York State


    The Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce, and Business Council of New York cannot provide legal advice on these or any issues. 


  • Updates to the New York State sexual harassment policy law Updates to the New York State sexual harassment policy law

    Key Actions
    •  All employers in New York are required to adopt a written sexual harassment policy.
    • All employers in New York are required to conduct annual training, which must be “interactive”.


    Contact The Chamber To Learn How To Get Your Staff Trained For Free!



  • Poughkeepsie Public Library District is offering the opportunity for you to receive individualized help addressing your computer-based needs. Specific tasks staff can help with include: learning basic computer skills, creating email accounts, performing job searches, filling out job applications, formatting resumes, filing for unemployment, and creating and editing Microsoft Office documents. 

    Registration for computer and job classes is open.

    Please note: Thursday afternoon labs from 1-3 at Boardman Road Library (141 Boardman Road). All other computer labs and classes are at the Adriance Library (93 Market Street), including the third Saturday of the month lab and two Saturday classes each month (usually the second and third Saturday). For more information on all Fall labs and classes from January 1 through March 31 please visit: PokLib.org

    Microsoft Office Classes

    Word 101 • Word 102 • Excel 101 • Excel 102 • Excel 103  Excel Functions • Excel Tips & Tricks •
    PowerPoint 101 • Mail Merge in Word & Excel • Resume Critiques • Job Search • Publisher • Access


    Technology You Can Use

    PC Basics  Working with Digital Photos • Intro to Google Drive & Docs • Creating a Website • Intro to Selling Online • Intro to 3DPrinting Services • Intro to Instagram • Intro to Twitter • Windows 10 • Ancestry.com • Job Club



    For dates, times, and location info and to register, visit PokLib.org

  • Get Free Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Today! Get Free Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Today!

    As part of your membership with the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce, you qualify to receive free sexual harassment prevention training for all of your employees.  This training was mandated by the state for every employer to provide every employee in New York, regardless of business size or the type of employee.  Outside organizations and businesses will charge you $25-$75 per employee to conduct this training but it is complimentary to you. Call our front desk to learn how to get take advantage of this! (845) 454-1700 ext. 1000


    • Presentation by Dr. Bill Daggett from the March 2023 Contact Breakfast on educational trends.
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    • A Quick Guide for employers and employees on the Paid Family Leave benefit requirements in New York State.

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    • The Chamber's Guide to Government, with contact information for Federal, State, County and Local elected officials, as well as county and municipal resources

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  • The Dangers of a Toxic Workplace Culture

    Workers are no longer tolerating workplace cultures that do not provide opportunities for growth. Toxic workplaces can mean workplaces that tolerate harassment and bullying, engage in unethical practices or are dishonest with employees. More broadly, toxic workplaces often fail to reward exceptional performance, deny employees a voice, and cultivate a culture of blame. These types of workplaces will be more susceptible to EEOC claims and lawsuits. It is up to leadership, usually with the help of HR, to actively cultivate an inclusive workplace climate. It is up to you to steer your workplace climate in the direction that you want. Start by increasing employee input, perhaps by conducting a climate survey. Empowering the employee's voice is critical. Without knowing what is or isn’t working, leadership won’t be able to achieve real change. 

    Ready to find better ways to support a healthy, inviting company culture? Ethan Allen can offer support and expert advice to keep your team on the right track. Simply take a look at our services today.

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