• ATHENA Award winners 2022
  • Presented by The Chamber Foundation Inc. and the 
    Women’s Leadership Alliance of the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce
    A ceremony event will be held on December 1, 2022 to celebrate this distinguished group of professionals who are making a difference for women by providing guidance, mentorship and encouragement in many ways.

    Bestowed annually, the ATHENA Award is given to a member of the Hudson Valley community who best embodies the ATHENA Leadership Model. The Model is unique in that it focuses on personal traits of strong, successful leaders. It captures the spirit and collaborative leadership style often exemplified in women leaders, while also recognizing the importance of traits such as courageous acts and fierce advocacy in the pursuit of excellence.


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  • Congratulations to the 2022 Honorees!

    Cara Mia Bacchiochi
    Hope on a Mission

    Brittany Cataldo
    M&T Bank

    Patty Driever

    Jenny Fox
    ​Connexus Credit Union

    Amy Greiner
    Tompkins Community Bank

    Catherine Merryman
    Our Lady of Lourdes High School

    Christine Pellegrino
    Pellegrino Healing Center
    Pellegrino Integrative Cancer Center

    Dr. Patricia Shannon
    Community Primary Care

    Rebecca Simpson
    The Pines at Poughkeepsie Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation

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    Tompkins Community Bank





    Access: Supports for Living
    Hudson Valley Credit Union

    RBT, CPAs



    Antalek & Moore
    DCH Wappingers Falls Toyota
    Fortress Financial Advisory
    Hudson Valley Concierge Service
    Mackey Butts & Whalen LLP



    Children's Home of Poughkeepsie

    Greystone Programs

    Mount St. Mary College

    Our Lady of Lourdes High School

    *(as of 10/28/22)

  • Past ATHENA Honorees

    2021 HONOREES

    Michele Babcock, Esq

    Cheryl Bowers

    Erin Cafarelli

    Marie Cole

    CMSgt Elizabeth Colton

    Londina Cruz

    Jasmin Nicole Davis

    Christine Manning

    Tina Tarquinio

    Robyn Williams


    2020 HONOREES

    Elizabeth Donohue

    Ellen Gambino, EdD

    Theresa Giovanniello, LMSW

    Donna Johnson-Klonsky

    Cammie Jones

    Crys McCuin

    Mecca Mitchell, Esq.

    Lauree Ostrofsky

    Kate Rabe


    2018 HONOREES

    Shirley Adams

    Filomena Fanelli

    Holly Kramer

    Maureen Lashlee

    Tina Ludwig

    Dr. Carol Ann Malizia

    Melissa McCoy

    Alexis Mills

    Dr. Lubna Somjee


    2017 HONOREES

    Molly Ahearn

    Diane Allenbaugh

    Kathleen Durham

    Ruthfen Faircloth

    Nicole Fenichel-Hewitt

    Pari Forood

    Lori A. Jiava

    Annette Marzan

    Irene Monck

    Dr. Greer Rychcik

    Rachel Saunders Esq.


    2016 HONOREES

    Gloria Cukar

    Pamela R. Edington, Ed.D.

    Renee Fillette, Ph.D.

    Lauren Gillett

    Krista Jones

    Cynthia Keller

    Kelly Lyndgaard

    Ruth Mahoney

    Major Kathleen Sileno

    Catherine O. Spratt

    Bettina “Poet Gold” Wilkerson


    2015 HONOREES

    Dana Diorio-Casey

    Jeffery Fox, Ph.D.

    Carla Goldstein, JD

    Perrinella F. (Penny) Lewis

    Lara Litchfield-Kimber

    Gaye Mallet

    Lori Rivenburgh

    Rev. Luader Smith

    Marjorie Smith

    Karen Zobel


    2013 HONOREES

    Ellen L. Baker

    Natalie Borquist

    Linda G. Campbell

    Lisa M. Cathie

    Steven J. Chickery

    Peter Maher

    Michelle Martin

    Gertrude O’Sullivan

    Kelly Outwater

    Angelline Smalls

    Sue Sywetz Sullivan


    2012 HONOREES

    Joan Crawford, LCSW

    Geeta Desai

    Cecilia Dinio Durkin

    Jacqueline Goffe-McNish

    Maureen Kangas

    Dr. Kathleen Mantaro

    Sharon Matyas

    Sister Rose Marie Mullen, osf

    Dr. Michele Winchester-Vega


    2011 HONOREES

    Irene Andujar

    Maureen Crush, Esq.

    Jen Dunn, CPCU

    Marcine Humphrey

    May Mamiya

    Nancy O’Donnell

    Caryn Solomon

    Cathy Varunok


    2010 HONOREES

    Laurie Cohn

    Denise Doring VanBuren

    Carol Gordon

    Fran Knapp

    Barbara Kram

    Danielle Anderson

    Carmen McGill

    Ann Pinna


    2009 HONOREES

    Eleanor Charwat

    Teri Egitto

    Clara Lou Gould

    Alexandra Putman

    Sandra Ludlum

    Donna McAleer

    Lisa Morris

    Janet Ready

    Andrea Reynolds

    Lillian S. Weigert


    2008 HONOREES

    Renee Bulla

    Sandra Cassese

    Arlene Chiaramonte

    Brian Giorgis

    Sabrina Marzouka

    Hilda Merolli

    Patricia Prunty

    Lori Traboldt

    Mary Kay Vrba

    Carole J. Wolf


    2007 HONOREES

    Ann Armater

    Jennifer Bates

    Judith “Kip” Bleakley-O’Neill

    Anne N. Conroy

    Susan LaFosse

    Suzanne McLaughlin

    Rita McPeck

    Marjorie Rovereto


     2006 HONOREES

    Sheila Appel

    Deborah Bailey Browne

    Betsy Brockway

    Lisa Daniels

    Karen Hansen-Simon

    Colette Lafuente

    Mary Madden

    Regis Obijiski

    Joan Pagones

    Kelley Redl Hardisty

  • ATHENA Selection Committee

    Robyn Williams
    Hudson Valley Credit Union

    Londina Cruz
    Londina Cruz Inner-Leadership

    Elizabeth Donohue
    Marist College

    Theresa Giovanniello
    Dutchess County Dept. of Community & Family Services

    Lauree Ostrofsky
    Simply Leap, LLC

    Tina Tarquinio

    Erin Cafarelli 
    Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie 

    Kate Rabe
    Charter Communications

    Cheryl Bowers
    Rondout Savings Bank

    Michele Babcock
    Jacobowitz and Gubits, LLP