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  • What is Project Forward? What is Project Forward?

    Project FORWARD is designed to help participants explore six high in-demand career fields. These career fields include; Healthcare, Hospitality and Culinary, Customer Service and Clerical, Manufacturing, Information Technology, and Trades. The participants will go through workshops, job shadows, internships, on the job trainings and community service activities collectively. This cohort style of learning and participation is to benefit participants by providing mutual academic and work related support.


  • Goals of Project Forward Goals of Project Forward

    • To accelerate a youth and young adult’s connection to the community
    • To develop fundamental life and work-based skills among participants
    • To provide rapid engagement with local employers to highlight in-demand job opportunities that offer long-term growth, benefits and high wages


  • What kind of job will I be placed into? What kind of job will I be placed into?

    • Health Care
    • Manufacturing
    • Trades
    • Information Technology
    • Hospitality and Food Service
    • Customer Service and Clerical


  • What does the program include? What does the program include?

    • Enrollment and orientation
    • Essential life skills training
    • Essential workplace skills training
    • Worksite internship
    • Occupational training
    • (credentialed and non-credentialed)
    • On-the-job training experience
  • The Chamber Foundation, Inc., along with the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce with support from the State of New York, is proud of the its new program within the Workforce Development Center. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced on May 8th, 2019, 14 programs would receive $5.5 million in funding for workforce and educational development programs across the state through the Workforce Development Demonstration Project to provide at-risk youth with alternatives to gang involvement.
    For any information about Project FORWARD, or if you would like to offer any career skills through your business, please reach out to Danica Pierre-Louis via email at Danica@dcrcoc.org.
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