• HVYP Membership & Communications Committee

  • The Membership & Communications Committee serves two missions: membership retention and expansion and internal/external communications. As the promotional arm of HVYP, we run its social media, email, and web platforms, as well as media relations efforts. We host Advisory Council Meet-and-Greets and offer an ambassador program to new members, in addition to being the digital voice of HVYP. It’s our job to show you the ropes. 

    Advisory Council Meet-and-Greet

    We host two Advisory Council Meet & Greets throughout the year to provide prospective and new members with an inside look into our mission and goals, as well as a chance to rub elbows with seasoned young pros interested in your career and professional development. It’s in our best interest to see you succeed, and we want to help make it happen. 

    Ambassador Program

    Our Advisory Council members know the challenges of networking, professional development, and, simply put, being the new one in town. That’s why our Advisory Council is assigned to mentor new members through their first few meet-ups. We’re the future workforce of the Hudson Valley, and we want you to grow alongside us. Rest assured, we’ll show you the ropes. 

    Social & Digital Media

    Being the promotional arm of HVYP is a great responsibility, but if you’re into social media, content development, email marketing, and public relations, it’s a fun calling. We’re always looking for passionate, digital-savvy socialites to help spread the great word. Step up your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn game while helping us spread the good word. 

    Contact our Membership & Communications Committee Co-Chairs to learn more and get involved!

    Co-Chair: Justin Semke, Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC

    Co-Chair: Felicia Kirschner, iHeartMedia of the Hudson Valley


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