• ​Consider Hosting a Youth Leadership Intern in 2023

    ​Consider Hosting a Youth Leadership Intern in 2023

    Each year, dozens of 11th grade students from Dutchess County undergo career exploration as part of The Chamber Foundation’s Youth Leadership program. The career assessments they complete during this exploration help students determine which career fields best suit them. The students then use the results of these assessments to determine where in the Hudson Valley they might complete their 20-hour internship as part of the Youth Leadership program.   
    The purpose of a Youth Leadership internship involves introducing a student to a particular career field while giving the student real-world experience. This immersion will help the student determine if the career track is a good fit for them. Youth Leadership internships will begin in January 2023, to be completed by April 28, 2023. 
    These placements can be mutually beneficial for students and employers in ways that extend far beyond individual career enrichment. For students, early work experience is key to ensure they build their professional network and make strong career decisions. By employing students, companies get connected to talent early in their career journey and help support the well- being of the local community. The proof is in the employment: each year, students from Youth Leadership can and do obtain employment from their internship placements. After all, the high school students in Youth Leadership are far more likely to return to the Hudson Valley area to live and work after completing their postsecondary education if they’ve already forged connections with potential employers that may segue into a career.  
    Here are some guidelines to keep in mind if you’d like to host a Youth Leadership intern:
    Guiding and managing the intern:
    ·         Share career-specific expertise.
    ·         Give hands-on work experience and structure student activities to help the intern gain a deeper understanding of careers at your business.
    ·         Encourage the student’s interests in their possible career or profession.
     Educating and sharing experiences with the intern, including: 
    ·         How to break into the field.
    ·         What type of education is required (particularly degrees and/or post-secondary schools to consider).
    ·         What can students do to prepare themselves now for future success in this field?
    ·         What are the starting and projected salaries within the field?
    ·         What does a typical day in this field look like?
    ·         What is the projected growth and other trends of the field or industry?
    Are you interested in hosting a Youth Leadership intern in your organization starting in January 2023? If so, I’m happy to answer any questions about the program and the internship process. Please feel free to reach out to me at (845) 454-1700 ext. 1025 or laura@chamberfdn.org.


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