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    Joe Daily from Q92, known by many as the "Morning Mayor of the Hudson Valley," has been entertaining audiences, both on-air and in person, for more than 35 years. For his many loyal listeners of all ages, his warmth and quick wit have become a integral part of their morning routine. And Joe enjoys his audience just as much as he considers himself privileged to be part of people's lives. Besides providing music, information and an abundance of chuckles every morning, he hopes to encourage and support the individuals, families, community organizations and businesses that call the Hudson Valley home.

    Daily grew up in New Jersey. From about the age of 8, he knew he wanted to be a radio broadcaster. Influenced by the great radio entertainers of the 1940s through the '70s, he followed his dream and pursued his education at Ramapo College of New Jersey, where he earned a bachelor's degree in mass communications. After graduation, he worked at radio stations WSUS in Franklin, N.J., and WKER in Pompton Lakes, N.J.,  before moving to the Hudson Valley in 1979, where he has worked ever since.

    Daily and his wife, Charlotte, live in the"Christmas card" Village of Walden, where they raised their two daughters, Aubrey and Mary. A firm believer in the power of radio to entertain, inspire, encourage and motivate, he spends far more time than the hours he is heard on the air participating in a variety of community events, lending his on- and off-air support to many local organizations working to improve the lives of Hudson Valley residents.

    Read more: www.q92hv.com/onair/joe-daily-332/#ixzz3c0DdZJQQ 

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