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  • Chris Marino: The Hot-Air Balloon Buffoon Chris Marino: The Hot-Air Balloon Buffoon

    Born and raised in Paterson, NJ. A Montclair State University Graduate who majored in Communication Studies, Chris' career in radio includes stops in Sussex and Princeton, NJ, Hartford, New York City, Philadelphia, Miami and West Palm Beach, FL before becoming a proud resident of the Hudson Valley.

    Over the years in the Hudson Valley Chris has been on a few of our local stations, including 96.1 KissFM (Top 40), Q92 (AC) & Country 107.3 WRWD. Chris is the Senior Vice President for programming for the area and has made the jump back to Q92 on mornings, Marino in the Morning with Marissa. When Chris is on-air he enjoys everything life in the valley has to offer with his wife, and two sons growing sons.

  • Marissa Contelmo: The Balloony Tune Marissa Contelmo: The Balloony Tune

    Hudson Valley Native, Marissa Contelmo, is known to bring you the good news from the Valley but also around the world. Typically quiet in her outside life, you can find her reading a book, enjoying a sunset or at an art museum. She saves all her fire and spunk for morning radio and her global podcast THE GiRLS ROOM. She hopes to put a smile on your face and make you think outside your box.

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