• Max It Out Retirement Teams with iHeartMedia to Launch Podcast Aimed at Maximizing Money Management


    The 930 Plan Podcast Debuts September 30, 2021
    Hudson Valley-based financial services firm Max It Out Retirement has something new up its sleeve: in an exciting partnership with iHeartMedia, a new podcast series, dubbed The 930 Plan, will debut – when else? – on September 30, 2021. The podcast, hosted by Max It Out Retirement Managing Partner Chuck Omphalius, will focus on helping people better protect themselves against rising inflation and taxation, and hold on to more of their hard-earned dollars.
    The 930 Plan podcast comes on the heels of Max It Out Retirement’s launch of the 930 Plan earlier this year. 930 Plan, which was coined by adding 401 + 529, from the popular 401K retirement and 529 college savings plans, is an innovative new long-term savings vehicle. The plan is a multipurpose solution to long-term savings, allowing individuals to save for education, retirement, or whatever the desired use – with no tax implications or penalties. The 930 Plan podcast is a spin off of sorts on the plan, and will focus on topics like smart savings, better protection of your loved ones and assets and tax efficiency – broken down in an easily digestible way.
    “As someone who works with long-term savings plans every day, I am passionate about finding unique ways to maximize my clients’ money,” says The 930 Plan podcast host Chuck Omphalius. “We could not be more thrilled about this partnership and podcast with iHeart, as it will enable us to share more about this important topic with people far and wide.”
    iHeart Media Market President Chuck Benfer said, “We couldn’t be happier with our partnership with Max It Out Retirement. As the largest producer and provider of podcasts iHeart is always looking for ways to expand our audience and offerings. The 930 Plan Podcast is informative, engaging, entertaining and speaks to issues and concerns that every listener can relate to. Having Max It Out Retirement as a podcast partner and sponsor is truly the perfect scenario.”  
    The 930 Plan podcast will be available on the iHeartRadio app and everywhere podcasts are heard. For more information about The 930 Plan podcast, 930 Plan or Max It Out Retirement, please visit www.930plan.com or follow on social media.
    About Max It Out Retirement
    Based in Fishkill, NY, in the heart of New York’s Hudson Valley region, Max It Out Retirement specializes in helping individuals from all economic backgrounds reach their financial goals and achieve optimal retirement. For more information, visit www.mioretirement.com 
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