• Hispanic Heritage Month: Don’t Overlook Latinos in Business

    From politics to entertainment to media, Latinos are . . . rarely in the spotlight. Latinos (as classified and reported by the US Census Bureau) are the fastest growing demographic in the United States—Almost 1 in 5 people identifies as Latino and 1 in 4 children are Latino or Hispanic. With a purchasing power of over 1.5 trillion dollars, why is it that only 6% of the marketing industry investment is targeted towards the Hispanic community? The reality of data is that Hispanic consumers remain on the periphery of marketing strategy, which is a keen parallel to their sociopolitical status. 

    However, organizations and businesses that choose to include Hispanics and Latinos in their marketing strategy will have access to a quite untapped market that can provide competitive advantage when it comes to brand awareness and loyalty. Many brands rely on the fact that most Hispanics are bilingual, and therefore provide content only in English instead of accounting for cultural preferences. A study by the Instituto Cervantes in 2020 indicates that over 70% of Latinos prefer to speak Spanish at home. In order for marketing strategies to be effective, businesses must meet their audience where they feel most comfortable, accommodating their culture, in their language. As the saying goes: fish where the fish are. But how do we do this? 

    Accounting for over 50% of the population growth in the 2020 Census, we Latinos are here to stay, and we need the tools to learn to navigate the educational, health, business and political systems in this country, in this state. This is the goal La Voz magazine strives to meet every month by attending and hosting local events, sharing our free magazine, connecting people with local resources, and providing presence for the community. What began as a desire to fill a void in the community continues, as 19 years later, La Voz is still the only print Spanish-language magazine in the 10 counties we serve. As a nexus and bridge for the Spanish-speakers of the Hudson Valley, advertising through La Voz magazine ensures your marketing content is culturally relevant and connects with our audience in the community and at home, in their language. 

    As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, there is no time like today to begin considering how your agency is engaging the Latino and Hispanic community, particularly as the country moves towards a “Minority-majority” nation. Is your advertisement simply a translation into Spanish with no relevant insight? Does your content lead to a landing page that is in English or half-haphazardly translated with a machine? When it comes to reaching the Spanish-speaking community, nothing less than culturally competent translations and content will do. If you feel you are ready to build that relationship, La Voz is the bridge for you to reach the Hispanic communities of Dutchess County, the Hudson Valley, and the Catskill mountains. 

    Meanwhile, let’s celebrate Hispanic culture this month with a very special performance this coming October 1st. Bardavon & La Voz Magazine with support from Radio Kingston present Disney Pixar’s Coco in Concert on Tour, featuring a screening of the complete film with Oscar and Grammy-winning composer Michael Giacchino’s musical score performed by the 20-member Orquesta Folclórica Nacional de Mexico. Come join us for a unique opportunity. All tickets JUST $7.

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