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Nursing Assistant
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Nursing Manager Charge Nurse
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THE MISSION of Archcare is to foster and provide faith-based holistic care to frail and vulnerable people unable to fully care for themselves. Through shared commitments, the System seeks to improve the quality of the lives of those individuals and their families.

Organization Competencies

Attitude/Teamwork - Supports a positive environment; takes special actions to "connect" with others. Demonstrates collaborative spirit in support of "system-ness" and continued integration among Archcare entities. Shows energy and enthusiasm in work relationships. Actively seeks ways to promote system cooperation and foster morale. Demonstrates pride in the team.
Problem Solving/Organization - Effective in recognizing problems and identifying workable solutions. Seeks out relevant information and effectively prioritizes tasks. Demonstrates appropriate follow-up. Learns from mistakes; takes ownership of decisions and actions.
Communication/Motivation - Builds strong work relationships through effective interactions with others. Maintains a high degree of self awareness, with a willingness to admit faults or mistakes. Demonstrates a high level of respect for others and alternative views. Recognizes value and achievement in others.
Mission/Guest Relations - Places customer needs and expectations at the center of all actions, in accordance with The Mission of Archcare. Demonstrates a shared commitment to a supportive, integrated system. Maintains positive work relationships to improve the quality of life of those we serve.

Archcare Guiding Values

Justice: We live and work as members of a community, and all members of our community have rights that are coupled with responsibilities.
Inclusiveness: While we are unified as one community, each of us is valued for our unique heritage and defined only by our eagerness to contribute to the best of our abilities.
Respect: Each of us is as important as any other - whether resident, family, friend, volunteer or employee - and we must respect each other if we are to receive respect.
Integrity: To be a truly caring community, we must speak and act with total honesty, without concern for the consequences of our truthfulness.
Benevolence: We recognize that those with the greatest needs often have the least resources, and we will provide the same care to the disenfranchised that we do to those who have been more fortunate.
Humility: While subscribing to high ideals, we will recognize our individual and collective limits. Only then can we continue to grow towards who and what we so earnestly strive to be.
Spirituality: While we take pride in following the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, we seek to serve people of all beliefs equally and to fulfill each individual's spiritual needs by respecting their distinct beliefs.


Job Summary

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Under the direction and supervision of an RN or LPN, performs various resident care activities and related non-professional duties for the specific needs and comfort of the aged and infirmed. Specific duties include but are not limited to the following: Is on duty, alert and appropriately dressed during the entire tour of duty. Will conduct herself himself in a professionally acceptable manner with all residents , employees, Administration and visitors. Will wear name pin during entire tour of duty.

Education & Experience

Formal Education
High School Diploma or equivalent

Education Requirements

{C} {C}
• High School graduate preferred.

License Requirements

{C} {C}
• 100 hour certificate as nurse aide. State certification as a nurse aide.
{C} {C}
• Certified Nurse Aide must be listed and verified as current in the New York State Registry
{C} {C}
• There shall be no findings or convictions of resident abuse, mistreatment, neglect, or misappropriation of resident property listed in the New York State Nurse Aide Registry
{C} {C}
• Printed verification from the New York State Registry shall be kept in the CNA personnel records.

Skill Requirements

{C} {C}
• Special Characteristics: Sense of responsibility and accountability, self directing, creative and innovative ability to relate effectively, tactful.
{C} {C}
• Other: Well groomed, dresses according to uniform regulations, good social skills


Essential Functions

{C} {C}
• Receives report attentively, checks resident's schedules for the shift, organizes work for efficiency and proper utilization pf time and completes assignments.
• Performs personal care for the resident's as indicated, including: bathing (bed bath, tub bath, shower), dressing, undressing, back rub, skin care, oral hygiene's. shaving, shampoos and hair setting, cuts fingernails, polishes finger nails, removes facial hair from residents.
• See that resident's are properly and comfortably clothed and positioned, maintaining modesty and dignity at all times, i.e.,assures that clothes are clean and in good condition, shoes clean and polished, hair combed, dentures, eyeglasses and hearing aides in place, lap robes in place.
{C} {C}
• Provides for the personal comfort of the residents toilets, offers bedpan, gives, gives incontinent care every two hours and as needed. Is responsible for proper application of appropriate protective devices as instructed by RN or LPN i.e., heel booties, elbow protectors, mitts restraints; releases according to facility policy.
{C} {C}
• Collects urine, stool, sputum specimen and takes to laboratory.
{C} {C}
• Provides between meal nourishment's and supplements as indicated, encourages fluids as necessary and records intake and output promptly as required. Serves and collects food trays, checking diet cards for proper diets, assists, supervises and feeds residents as necessary and reports appetite problems to the nurse. Make sure adaptive equipment is used and returned to tray.
• Ensures comfort measures before and after meals; clean and dry, hands and face washes, oral hygiene, clean clothing if necessary.
• Transports residents to various areas of the home, i.e. occupational therapy, physical therapy, clinics, x-ray, speech therapy, beauty parlor, recreational activities, chapel and dinning room, May be asked to accompany residents to other facilities for the above service as directed by the supervisor.
• Assists with admissions, discharge or transfer.
• Prepares body of deceased residents for funeral director.
• Assists and/ or performs procedures and treatments with proper instruction and supervision: i.e., vital signs, TPR and B/P, weight's , urinary drainage bags, various types of ostomy care, enemas, fleets or soap suds, hot or cold compresses, catheter care, sitz baths, douche. Special care to residents in casts, and caring for residents in isolation, applies splints as directed by O.T. and P.T.
{C} {C}
• Observes residents and notes physical condition, attitude, reactions, or any unusual behavior and reports changes or unusual findings to nurse or supervisor.
{C} {C}
• Assists with restorative and rehabilitated care of residents on unit such as: range or motion exercises, correct positioning and proper body alignment, ambulation of residents. Documents care accordingly to facility policy.
{C} {C}
• Promptly and accurately records requested information and signs entries such as intake and output, bowel movement records, tub baths.
{C} {C}
• Utilizes aseptic techniques in all resident care to prevent spread of disease and infection, especially proper hand washing.
{C} {C}
• Maintains a safe environment for self and residents at al times. Demonstrates proper use of safety measures, ensuring resident safety and security at all times: i.e., correct body mechanics, proper techniques for lifting and transferring residents, proper application and release of residents, correct use of mechanic of mechanical lifter and proper use of side rails as indicated, and reporting any equipment in need of repair.
{C} {C}
• Ensures that call light is always within reach of resident an answers call light promptly
{C} {C}
• Interacts with the elderly in a respectful and dignified manner while utilizing reality and validation orientation.
{C} {C}
• Participates in unit cleaning duties which are not performed by housekeeping personnel such as: beside stands, drawers, closets, carts, basins, bedpans, urinals, utility rooms, tub rooms, diet kitchen, cleans and defrost refrigerators, linen closets, sitting room and proper care of spoiled linen, leaves resident's rooms neat and orderly at all times.
• Utilizes supplies and equipment with care and restocks as necessary.
• Assures that each individual resident's clothing is distributed to proper area and placed in closet; removes clothing for mending.
{C} {C}
• Reports off and on to nurse and finds coverage for residents when leaving floor for any length of time( coffee and meal breaks, transporting residents to various areas of the facility.) Asks questions pertaining to assignments given, or regarding residents entrusted to his/her care.
{C} {C}
• Attends scheduled meetings, attends required 12 hours of continuing insurance education classes, 6 hours are to be completed in six months January through June, and 6 hours to be completed between July and December.
{C} {C}
• Maintains a kind respectful, and congenial attitude toward Administration, Supervisor, Nurses, co-workers, residents and families at all times.
{C} {C}
• May occasionally be requested to alter schedule or change unit to ensure proper coverage on all resident care areas to all times.
{C} {C}
• May be asked to orient new staff members to unit.
{C} {C}
• Wears appropriate protective equipment when there is potential for exposure to blood, infected body fluids or hazardous chemicals, and when required by facility policies and exposure control pain.
{C} {C}
• Demonstrates dependability in reporting to work on time and as scheduled.
{C} {C}
• Employee is expected to be familiar with all the rules and regulations of the home as indicated in the policy manual and to abide by them at all times. Takes part in the fire drills , "mock fire drills" and disaster drills when schedule.
{C} {C}
• Maintains all information regarding residents as confidential.
{C} {C}
• Performs other duties generally related to the position and unrelated duties in emergency, as directed by supervisors, RN or LPN.
{C} {C}
• Contacts :RNs, LPNs, NAs, Residents'' Families, MDs and all Ancillary Departments. Physical demands: standing and walking during work shift. Lifting and carrying equipment, assist residents into equipment and in moving about. Visual acuity is necessary to read instructions and charts, observe residents who may need assistance during treatment. Manual finger dexterity to adjust equipment. Body coordination to assist in positioning resident comfortably in or on equipment.
• Surroundings well lighted work area. Hazards: Exposed to infections, odors and behavioral changes and reactions of the aged.
• Nurse Aide Trainees: shall only provide care, as described above, under the direct supervision of the clinical supervisor during the training program.
• Nurse Aide Trainees: Must test within 10 days of successful completion of the Nurse Aide Training Program.


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