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    Dear Local Business,

    Google My Business can be the golden opportunity that can transform your marketing efforts into a footfall in the business!

    It is a great free tool for driving traffic and conversions with relatively low effort, and we highly recommend it as a part of your larger digital marketing strategy.

    Google My Business Profile might finally be entering the mainstream. You have got no excuses to get started now.

    If you want to understand and master the essentials of this new digital era, then make sure to download this FREE guide for more insights and knowledge. that will provide you with valuable information about how to increase your ranking, allowing you to set up a robust revenue generation plan.

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    Here are just a few reasons why ‘Google My Business 4.0’ is crucial for any investor's growth and success:

    • Every month, an average business gets 59 actions from GMB listing & 49% of the business gets 1,000+ views monthly.
    • Eighty-six percent of people look at the location of a business through Google Maps
    • Businesses enjoyed a 61 percent increase in calls from January to July 2020 thanks to their Google My Business listing
    • More than 5 percent of views on a Google My Business page result in a conversion
    • Mobile queries centered around “where to buy” and “near me” keywords increased by over 200 percent in the last two years.
    Considering the potential of these highly valuable GMB listing strategies, it's plain to see, you need it. Now more so than ever.

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