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  • Year End Business Financial Review: 100% discount from regular charges.

    Offer Valid: 11/16/2020 - 12/31/2020
    If you are using your business to save money for the future, this free confidential session could change your life.
    Saving money for the future on a tax-deferred basis feels good at the time (we mistakenly call it a "tax deduction"), but exposes you to an unknowable liability down the road. You get to keep only some of the dollars you save in a 401(k), IRA, or deferred comp plan: the rest belong to the government. 

    Imagine you were in a business partnership with someone who could increase their ownership stake any time they wanted: that's the relationship you're in with the IRS when it comes to your retirement savings. Tax rates can change at any time and cut the proportion of your savings available to spend. Even if rates remain flat, being a business owner gives you far better options to control how they affect you.

    Let's meet soon to explore what your unique circumstances will let you do before December 31 to keep more of your savings and their growth. Our time together will help you understand how to use financial assets to provide key benefits to your business, as well as to yourself and your family, and how to reassert control over your financial destiny.

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